What is a CCTV survey?

A CCTV survey is where we insert a mini digital video camera into your drainage system, be it foul or surface and push or drive it through the pipe. 

Why would I need a CCTV survey?

  • You are buying a new home

  • You are building an extension

  • Problems with vermin infestation

  • You have surface flooding

  • Persistent drain problems

  • Your property has subsidence

What happens after the CCTV survey is completed?


Upon completion of the survey we can produce a detailed computerised report using iTouch, so we can present the data super fast and all observations collected by the CCTV Operator are highlighted, logged, verified and with the customer within hours.


This report can be viewed in an online portal and downloaded on PDF with a plan that is marked up and corresponds to the report to allow  for easy reference. The written report can also be supplied electronically to allow for filing on asset register systems, email between colleagues, etc.


Inspecting the condition of the drainage system at your home or business premises can be a challenge. Checking installations like plumbing and electrical wiring is easy, because all the infrastructure for these services is above ground. But when drains become blocked or damaged, the first indication to the occupier may be pools of water within your property, or unpleasant smells with no obvious source. Fortunately, the drainage experts at Waterways Drainage have a solution. By performing a CCTV drain survey our technicians can inspect the network of pipes from a convenient access point and find the problem. By feeding a camera into the drains, we can explore wide and narrow pipes looking for such issues as blockages, cracks, intruding tree roots, rodent infestations – in fact, any obstacle which may cause drain problems. We can then quickly devise a plan of action. Thanks to these CCTV drain surveys our customers can have their drains repaired quickly and efficiently, and at much less expense than would have been the case previously.

This service is especially useful for those who are contemplating buying a house. A standard home inspection doesn't cover the condition of underground drains, so there may be problems lurking just below the surface. Our teams are fully trained and qualified, and can provide detailed information about the condition of your full drainage system, including any areas which are likely to be a source of problems in the future. By commissioning a CCTV survey home buyers can move into their new property with confidence.

We can also perform the CCTV drain surveys businesses may be required to obtain by their insurance companies. In these cases, we can produce DVD footage to support the standard report which our operators produce. To book a CCTV drainage survey homeowners and businesses can email us at any time or call our office on 01752 656161. Alternatively, contact us for more information.

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