drain maintenance


preventative measures

We often assume we have no requirement for a particular product or service, until we encounter a problem, and wish we had done more to prevent it. A good example of this would keeping up to date with the maintenance of a vehicle.

Drains are no different. Regular cleaning and drain inspections can prevent costly repairs further down the line. Good housekeeping and business best-practice should drive you to regularly check your drainage network, whether that's within your home or business premises. 

This helps to prevent sewers and surface drains blocking, surcharging and flooding your working premises, which may cause severe interruption to your business and possibly your neighbour’s property. This may lead to insurance claims that may be refused if your negligence is proved on the grounds of you being unable to demonstrate a regular programme of drain cleaning.

PPC Permits

Your site may be governed by a PPC (Pollution Prevention Control) Permit and as such you should be checking your drainage network regularly to ensure any damaged pipe work is not allowing effluent to exfiltrate into the soil.

CCTV Surveys

Regular inspections needn't be expensive or complicated. We can run a simple CCTV survey for just £45 to identify any potential problems including:

Partial or total collapse pipes

Redundant drain lines

Tree root intrusion

Rats and rodent infestation

Displaced or open joints

Cracked or broken drains


It is also highly recommended to carry out an inspection before purchasing a property. Whilst this isn't compulsory, you could be unknowingly buying a house with drains that are in a poor state of repair.

do you need a cctv survey?