drain repairs



CIPP is an industry-standard solution to the rehabilitation of pipelines.


CIPP is far less disruptive to the environment and the general public, compared to the traditional methods of excavation. CIPP is a form of trenchles repair solution, and is also known as no-dig technology. These methods can be used to rehabilitate sanitary sewers, storm drains and pressure pipelines for water, gas and process effluents.


There are two installation methods; inversion lining and drag in lining. 


Inversion lining is a method of installation for most CIPP applications, certainly where the host pipe is of a diameter greater than 225mm. Drag in lining or pull in place lining is the industry standard method of installation for small diameter repairs, where there are two points of access to the sewer.


We are happy to cater for the wide range of curing methods available across the industry, ranging from ambient cure systems using simple thermosetting resins to extremely technologically advanced curing methods using LED and UV Light.


Patch, or spot repair as it is can also be known, involves the repair of an isolated defect within a sewer pipe. The repair is usually made by positioning a short sleeve of resin impregnated material within the pipe and curing using ambient techniques. 


Our mid-length repair system utilises a specially formulated rubber bladder that is suitable for use in 100mm and 150mm pipework. The bladder is made up using high end machined parts, coupled with a layflat rubber tube that is inflated once into position.

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