Sometimes due to service locations, lack of access or disruption to the surrounding area, hand digging may be necessary to locate a problematic section of pipework. We have fully trained and competent 360 excavator operators when it is safe to use these machines and we have recently taken delivery of a vacuum excavation unit for safely exposing live underground services, ensuring our men go home safely to their families each day and we don't make any costly mistakes resulting from utility strikes. We have the expertise, experience and insurance to safely excavate to unlimited depths, ensuring the correct trench support is in place, and the impact of the excavation on the surrounding buildings, structures and environment is minimal. 

rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting systems substantially reduce consumption of potable water by using the roof as a collector of rainwater. This water is stored underground and can be used for the garden hose supply, toilets and washing machines.​ As the population grows and our water reserves decline, the need for rainwater harvesting systems becomes ever more important, as these systems replace water usage in a safe and convenient way.

sewage treatment plants

We are fully trained & competent with the installation, servicing and maintaining  of the highest quality sewage treatment plants from Graf.

driveway crossover/dropped kerbs

If you intend to drive a vehicle over the footway into your driveway off a highway, then you will need a dropped kerb. If you do not have a dropped kerb, you must not drive over the footway. If you do, you are breaking the law.

We have the NRSWA accreditation required and equipment necessary to perform these tasks in the shortest possible time frames, keeping the disruption to you and your neighbours to an absolute minimum and complying with local highways authority regulations.

do you require groundworks?

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No-dig technology has had a dramatic impact on the way drains and sewers are repaired and maintained. It is often possible to undertake the necessary works without any excavation at all, by using the existing access points in the drainage network. But when their is no convenient access point, or a blockage or breakage is so severe that it cannot be dealt with remotely, excavation work may be necessary.


Waterways Drainage stand out from the crowd as we have the safest and most modern tools, equipment and expertise to perform whatever groundworks may be needed to reach and resolve the problem. Most of the groundworks our drainage engineers undertake are close to buildings, so the right methods must be used to avoid damaging homes and other structures. As experienced and qualified groundworks contractors, we know how to use trench support techniques in order to operate in even the most restricted or sensitive spaces. With full insurance and equipment which allows is to safely excavate to a depth of 3m, we are the groundworks contractors you can turn to for solutions to you trickiest problems.


Besides the installation and repair of drainage infrastructure, our role as groundworks contractors has seen our teams digging footings for rainwater harvesting tanks, installing sewage treatment plants from Graf, and creating dropped kerbs to give householders access to their driveways. For any type of groundworks in the highway a NRSWA accredited contractor must be used. At Waterways Drainage we are fully qualified to undertake this work.