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Rain Water Harvesters

Rainwater harvesting systems substantially reduce consumption of potable water by using the roof (and only the roof) as a collector of rainwater. This water is stored underground and can be used for the garden hose supply, flushing toilets and washing machines.

As the population grows and our water reserves decline, the need for rainwater harvesting systems becomes evermore important, as these systems replace water usage in a safe and convenient way.


A High Water Table System

The rounded design is stable enough to be completely installed in ground water or sticky soil e.g. clay/silt. The tank is load bearing and can be installed under driveways, and is strong enough to take the weight of a lorry.

A Developer Pack System

These systems provide a cost effective means of incorporating sustainable products into developments, particularly where minimum standards must be met under the Code for Sustainable Homes and Building Regulations.

Design and location considerations...

Choose a system that does not refill using potable water during dry spells, and has a self cleaning filter to cut down on maintenance. Some systems don't require a concrete base (saving up to £400 on unsustainable concrete).

We can supply systems that come in two halves, saving on site storage and handling. Most pumps have a two year guarantee.

Homeowner Benefits

  • Water your gardens and clean your car without using expensive drinking water.

  • Reduce bills for water.

  • Reduce your impact on the environment.

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